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Helpful Moving Preparation Tips

More than just a group of real estate agents, REAL ESTATE SOUTH of Byron, Georgia, will be your partner throughout the process. We offer tips for moving preparation so that the stress of packing and transporting your valuables is at a minimum.

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Two Months Before Moving

Two months before moving is the time when you should schedule a moving company or find a reputable truck rental company if you are moving on your own. Create an inventory of all of your belongings and get rid of any unwanted items. Begin processing paperwork such as school transfers, and arrange for any contracting work to be completed at
your new home.

Six Weeks Before Moving

Obtain a change-of-address card from the post office, subscribe to the local paper in your new community, and gather all medical records from your doctors. Have valuables appraised and determine if storage of certain items will be necessary. Clean all closets and drawers, and begin using any perishable items that can't be transported.

One Month Before Moving

Arrange for utilities to be shut off in your old home and connected in your new home for a seamless transition. Begin packing, arrange for cleaning of carpeting and upholstery, and make any special travel arrangements for pets. Check to see if you need moving permits and call your insurance company to confirm coverage on the valuables being transported.

Three Weeks Before Moving

Dispose of toxic or flammable items from your old home. Hold a moving sale for items that have value but will not be making the trip. If moving out of state, arrange for registration of your vehicles.

Two Weeks Before Moving

Return any borrowed items, cancel newspaper delivery, and process change of address forms. Transfer all your prescriptions to a pharmacy near your new home. Assemble a folder of information for the new homeowner that includes warranty information and appliance manuals.

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One Week Before Moving

Transfer your bank accounts and confirm all travel reservations. Pack everything except the essentials to get through the final days at your residence. Gather all vital information for the move into one spot.

Moving Day

Notate all utility meter readings and have someone on hand to answer any questions from the movers. Supervise the loading, unloading, and unpacking stages.