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Professional Home Selling Services

With the assistance of REAL ESTATE SOUTH of Byron, Georgia, the home selling process will be easier as we advertise your property with the skills of an experienced real estate marketing professional. Our goal is always to get you the highest price in the shortest amount of time.

Agent and Customer in Discussion

Our Objectives

When you use us as your listing agency, we will listen carefully to make sure that your objectives are clearly understood while we provide an in-depth explanation of the home selling process. Pricing your home correctly, implementing a proven marketing plan, following up on any and all leads, and networking the real estate market in the area are all strategies we have effectively used for clients for many years.


From the moment the "for sale" sign is installed until the ink is dry on the closing documents, we are constantly working to sell your home. We will expose it to as many potential purchasers as possible, making them aware of the key selling features and benefits of your home.

Proper Pricing

An important step in the selling process is finding the right price. You do not want to scare off potential buyers with a high price, but you definitely want to get what the property is worth. To arrive at a fair price, we use our experience, skills, and a complete market evaluation.

Tips for Preparing Your Home for Sale:

  • Make sure the landscape is trimmed and edged, and the porch, garage, and property are clean and tidy.
  • Wash exterior areas such as doors and windows.
  • Complete any decorating, painting, or renovation projects before placing the property on the market.
  • Make sure the bathrooms are clean and stand out because they are often key selling points.
  • Illumination is like a welcome sign, so replace bulbs and turn on lights.
  • Clean the interior by washing dishes, making beds, putting away clothes, and straightening up.
Two People Shaking Hands
  • Try to remove pets before a showing, as some potential buyers could be allergic.
  • Leave the house during a showing or retreat to another area of the home so the salesperson can work their magic.
  • Never discuss anything about a sale to the potential buyer, as all negotiations should be left to the agents.
  • Never apologize for the appearance because it will either distract from or accentuate the problems.
  • Pack away valuables, knick-knacks, guns, and medicine.